Welcome to your new family tree. We've updated the design and navigation to help you find what you're looking for quickly and rebuilt the pages so they load faster. And there's more to come. See below for improvements we are making to the pedigree view.

In early June, we launched a preview of the new family tree so you could become familiar with the changes before they were incorporated on the site, as well as give us your opinion of the new design. We were thrilled to receive over 7,000 responses. We are very grateful for the time and care you put in to providing such insightful feedback. As a result, we made several refinements to the new tree that you see on the site now.

We encourage you to continue sending us your feedback and helping us make your tree an even more useful tool. You can learn more about the changes you see now and the new pedigree view in preview below.

  • Ancestor Profile Page
    Names, dates and places are just part of your family story. Ancestor profile pages are where you can add photographs, audio, video and comments to each ancestor in your tree to bring your story to life. We've changed the look and navigation of these pages to make them easier to use and to help you keep your information organized.
  • Keeping people in context
    Tabs across the top of the page make it easier to access sources, photos, stories, comments, hints and more. General information about the person you are viewing will remain consistent at the top of the page making it easier to always know exactly where you are.
  • Show me the sources
    The new "Facts & Sources" tab makes it easy to see what facts and events a person has, and what evidence supports those facts.
  • Family is always a click away
    We've made the "Show immediate family" link available on most pages so you can always put the person you're viewing in context.
  • Photos, front and center
    You spoke up, we listened. You let us know that you prefer photos above the timeline. That's where they are now — back on top.
    In addition to showing photos, the media gallery now shows all of the media items you've added.
  • Built for speed
    We've completely rebuilt it from the ground up. It's faster than ever to load and navigate around your tree.

Updates coming soon to Pedigree View

Next up in our preview of tree updates will be a new version of the pedigree view that will let you see more generations at one time, see your tree full screen, drag and grab your tree, and zoom in and out. Improved navigation will make it faster and easier to return to an ancestor profile page.